How This Mom and Pop Keep it Fresh


It’s the start of a new week and I head out to the coast for my first day of research. It’s 7:15 a.m. and I need caffeine. I happen upon a “mom and pop” shoppe called Banana Dang!  

Eurkea! I love bananas, I love coffee and I’m a big supporter of Shop-n-Eat Small (you know, Small Business being the backbone of our nation and all). Not to mention,  I’m really curious about that name….Banana Dang!

Banana Dang is the vision of two savvy business owners; husband and wife team, Mario Jimenez and Thanh-Thanh Dang (aka T2). They are what I call their own secret sauce: a special blend of fun and smarts that make them memorable (and successful). They are movers and shakers that make me want to keep coming back for ‘dem bananas. 

I spy with my Eagle Eye these three things that keep them fresh:

Hey, there Neighbor? Let's Work Together!
Hey, there Neighbor? Let’s Work Together!


A good banana is always better when it’s part of “a bunch”. You know what I’m talking about…those onesie bananas on the produce counter are just not as appealing as a bunch of four or more. What makes this mom and pop shine is their ability to collaborate with others. They know the value of this collaboration and the synergy it brings. (The music industry really gets this.) Makes sense. One was a musician and the other was a promoter prior to their current gig as entrepreneurs. These two work smart and join forces with neighboring businesses.

They are better because they are “part of the bunch.”

They Just Celebrated One Year in Oceanside!
They Just Celebrated One Year in Oceanside!


They operate out of a set of their own “Ten Commands” or what they call Guiding Principles.  They have a straightforward mission statement: To treat coffee as a culinary art and serve healthy banana smoothies in a friendly space that cultivates environmental aspects.

Straightforward. Honest. Friendly and Warm. Stated simply: They get it. They understand they are giving their customer an experience they can’t get at a chain coffee house. They are authentic and real. They are believable. And I find myself becoming part of their story. Later in the day, I stop back in and meet a few of their friends (some of the other good bananas in the bunch!)

They Create an Experience
They Create an Experience


I watch as T2 prepares her bananas for maximum freshness. The dynamos await their delivery of the freshest breads for their specialty Happy Toasts (I ordered mine with the artisan rosemary olive bread). And, I never see them stop moving. They are constantly looking for ways to improve and make this a “home away from home” for all those who enter their doors.

The local stroller brigade. The local college student. The micro-brewer from down Coast Highway. The musician. The retired folks or those just starting a career. You will find them here.

Dang, these are two great bananas!

p.s. Happy One Year in Business, Banana Dang!  

Banana Dang! is open 7 Days a Week, 7 am to 5 pm


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