Meet Social Entrepreneur and Marketing Genius, Tin Lizzy

A Lot Has Happened Since April 15th…

It’s been a busy few months for Eagle Vision. While out and about, I’ve met many movers and shakers that I’ve wanted to blog about. There’s a good news/bad news story here.

The good news: I was fortunate to gain my first three clients in the Spring. And I had the honor to travel to Burlington, Vermont to speak to retailers and wholesalers about my experience as a retailer. I love helping my clients tell their story. To that end, I have become a Constant Contact Solutions Partner-Provider and I love using this email marketing tool to help my clients reach their customers. My Mac and SEO are becoming my two new best friends…and they play well together on most days.

The other news: I’ve been bad about keeping up on my own business blog. My focus has been my clients and writing their blogs and creating content for their websites and social media channels. So it’s been a long time since sharing about other wonderful businesses I’ve found along the way. Thank you for your patience with me as I grow and learn.

A girl on a mission. Meet Laura Layton, social entrepreneur and owner of Tin Lizzy Mobile Boutique.
A girl on a mission. Meet Laura Layton, social entrepreneur and owner of Tin Lizzy Mobile Boutique.

So for now, I want to introduce you to a phenomenal young woman I met at the Fair Trade Federation Conference. Her name is Laura Layton and she owns Tin Lizzy Boutique. This little difference maker was challenged to go outside the box as she launched her business.

This amazing podcast and article tells how she created an awesome business on a shoestring budget. Her mobile boutique allows her to do what she loves (fashion and merchandising) AND her business allows her to educate the consumers about fair trade principles. She is committed to selling clothing and accessories that are not made in sweat shops. Great quality, great prices, and a fun experience.

This girl is passionate about fair trade fashion. And it shows.

Do you know a mover and shaker you want featured here? Drop me a line at and I’ll help spread the love!


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